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Neotech Services MTP was founded in 2001 with the aim of developing markets for new processing technologies. The company is currently the EU representative for the patented Aerosol JetĀ® technology and has been instrumental in its adoption by 20 European companies and institutes. The company has developed a wide network of system users in the areas of sensors, electronics, automotive, aerospace and medical technologies.

In 2009, Neotech started research and development in unique processes and equipment for 3D Aerosol Jet printing. The goal of this research is to allow electronic systems to be integrated into 3D components. The first 3D Aerosol Jet printer system, based on a 6 axis robot motion system, was built by Neotech and installed in March 2010. It is used for initial research into 3D printed circuits and sensors. In January 2011 an improved 3D Aerosol Jet printer was designed and installed based on 5 axis CNC motion. With this work, Neotech is pioneering a new market segment "3D Fuctional Printing". In 2012 the company will launch a range of 3D Aerosol Jet printers and also a prototyping and manufacturing service. Neotech Services has been and is a consortium member and consultant on several Bavarian, BMBF and EU funded projects related to Aerosol Jet printing.